Most classes and events are cancelled due to the Covid pandemic. However, I will be doing a Zoom conversation with Vesterheim Museum Collections Manager Jennifer Kovarik on Tuesday, August 25, 2020. Details and registration are here. In the past, I’ve had a couple of opportunities to take groups into the collections and it’s been really interesting. Hope you can join us!

Looking for dates and links to registration sites? That’s just below. If you want to book a workshop or series for your group or venue, in-person class descriptions are further down this page. Please email me to discuss dates and how I can tailor a program to your needs.

The Willow Gathering at Luther College
June 22-28, 2020 — Decorah, IA CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

Plant-Dyed Yarns at Porcupine Mountains Folk School
August 8, 2020 — Ontonagon, MI CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

NÃ¥lbinding Viking Mittens at Sievers School of Fiber Arts
August 27-30, 2020 — Washington Island, Wisconsin CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

Finnish Nalbinding at Porcupine Mountains Folk School
September 26-27, 2020 — Ontonagon, MI CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

Workshop Descriptions

Diamond mesh netting with Donna Kallner.

Netting With Shuttle & Gauge
1-5 days
Using a shuttle and gauge to work a knotted form of looping, learn to work diamond mesh netting. Start from a foundation chain and work flat to create scarves, shawls, hammocks and more, or from a grommet base and work in the round to make shopping bags, fishing nets, hats, and other 3D forms. As time allows students explore square-mesh netting and patterned or “fancy” netting.

New Age Looping workshops with Donna Kallner.

New Age Looping
1-5 days
New Age Looping is a contemporary interpretation of an ancient technique so logical you don’t need to follow a pattern, and relaxing to work even when you expect frequent distractions. Workshops emphasize tension control and structural understanding, and help students at all levels learn to design their own projects. Variations are introduced in a progressive fashion and may include knotless and knotted stitches, combination and grouped stitches, skipped stitch patterning, needle entry positions, shaping options, complex looping, bead looping, and looping over a core (a.k.a. Fuegian coiling). Workshops can focus on a particular variation, like Cross-Knit Looping. As time allows, students may learn to dye and paint their own yarns and threads.

1-5 days
Learn a folk art tradition for stitching yarn using your thumb as a gauge to make thick, warm wearables like hats, mittens and slippers. Older than knitting or crochet, this technique is worked with a single long, wooden needle. You seldom need to count stitches or follow a pattern as you stitch, and the structure is so stable that your stitches can’t unravel — perfect for traveling!

Cross-Knit Looping workshops with Donna Kallner

Cross-Knit Looping
1-5 days
Sometimes called Coptic knitting, Tarim stitch or Viking knit, at a glance cross-knit looks like stockinette stitch in knitting. But this versatile looping variation is worked with a single needle, with the entire length of thread passing through each stitch. It marries beautifully with weaving, knitting, crochet and felting, and handspinners love it. It’s great for joining and reinforcing edges (use it to cover a multitude of sins). Use it also to create incredibly stable tabs, panels, pockets, gussets and other fun and functional insertions and add-ons.

New Age Looping trunk show with Donna Kallner.

New Age Looping Lecture
45 minutes to 2 hours or add a short workshop
Includes a Powerpoint program and a guided tour of the sample collection I’ve been building for 15 years. Your group will handle pieces worked in different threads and yarns to discover the range of possibilities from this timeless technique. Guilds may combine a lecture with a half-day hands-on Intro to New Age Looping on the same day.

Contact me to schedule a workshop for your guild, group or conference.