Reading Lists

What’s on my bookshelf? Here are a few of the titles, in no particular order.

  • New Age Looping by Donna Kallner (currently out of print)
  • Needle Lace: Techniques and Inspirations by Jill Nordfors Clark
  • Eco-Colour by India Flint.
  • Second Skin: Choosing and Caring For Textiles and Clothing by India Flint
  • Craft of the Dyer by Karen Leigh Casselman
  • A Heritage of Colour: Natural Dyes Past And Present by Jenny Dean
  • Wild Color: The Complete Guide to Making and Using Natural Dyes by Jenny Dean
  • A Weaver’s Garden: Growing Plants for Natural Dyes and Fibers by Rita Buchanan
  • Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years by Elizabeth Wayland Barber
  • The Mummies of Urumchi by Elizabeth Wayland Barber
  • Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmermann
  • No Idle Hands: A Social History of Knitting In America by Anne Macdonald
  • Design Language by Tim McCreight