Ode To Willow Weavers

Years ago, I read a rhyme used to help stake-and-strand weavers learn their craft. On a solo drive to a basketry conference in Michigan, I expanded that rhyme into an ode, recitations of which were so hammy that I’m glad there were no cell phone cameras back then. I found that poem again while cleaning … Continue reading Ode To Willow Weavers

What’s Drying Wednesday – Willow For Charcoal

One more seasonal task done: I’ve sorted the peeled willow sticks left after harvesting bark for dyeing. Bill will use some in rustic furniture. The rest I cut up to become artist charcoal for drawing. Those sticks dry quickly with the bark off. I got them cut up earlier this week. My bright idea of … Continue reading What’s Drying Wednesday – Willow For Charcoal

Willow For Color

In the early 1990s, I went to Sievers for a class in rib-style willow basketmaking that changed my life. Driving home, I was astounded to see acres of wild willow growing where I had never noticed it before. A few years later, I planted my first bed. This versatile, sustainable crop now produces material for … Continue reading Willow For Color