New Age Looping workshops with Donna Kallner.

Looping is a large and diverse family of techniques. Older than weaving and knitting, looping is found on six of the seven continents. Variations are known by many different names (including nalbinding). This timeless technique continues to evolve as contemporary fiber artists give it their own spin. My own fusion of Stone Age technique and 21st century materials and aesthetic is known as New Age Looping.

On this site, you’ll find lots information about looping. I’ve posted some history, links to other sites, a plug for my book (currently out of print), a bibliography, videos and blog posts about whatever I’m working on next. It’s the tip of the iceberg, but I hope it helps you get a better idea of what you can do with this amazing technique. You can learn much more in my workshops, and I hope to see you stitching soon!

This video unit from the New Age Looping Basics eCourse (no longer available) shows how our ancient ancestors might have used plant fibers for looping, and how other materials you might choose today.

This video shows a very small selection of items from the sample case I take with me to show students when I teach in-person workshops.

This is the first looping video I ever made. My lighting, camera and editing skills improved considerably with all the practice I got producing materials for my New Age Looping eCourses (now closed). But this unedited video I posted on YouTube has helped me connect with people from around the world.

When I closed the online classes, I debated what to do with all video content I had produced. It’s now available on my YouTube channel, and you’ll find links and the intended progression at http://www.donnakallnerfiberart.com/2019/12/looping-videos-on-youtube/

There’s a lot more about looping on this site. Here are some pages you may want to explore: