Making Choices

It’s time to make some choices. I’ve been doing a lot of designs for digital fabric. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to design a winning lottery ticket, so can’t afford to just order yardage from every design. This is probably a good thing. If I ordered everything, most of it would have to go into a mouse-proof storage bin, and I would probably forget I have it before I could finish sewing the rest of the batch.

Still, I have a few more designs to upload to Spoonflower before I have to choose. Then I’ll order the Swatch Sampler before I spring for yardage.

If you’re interested in learning more about creating digital fabrics yourself, there’s a free PDF called Exploring Digital Fabric on my Tutorials/PDFs page. It touches on:

fabrics you can create with your digital camera and inkjet printer


fabrics you can create with


fabrics you can create with

Blogger is being fussy today, so please leave a comment if you have trouble with any of these links.

Better yet, tell us about your own adventures with digital fabric!

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Spoonflower Silk and Other Loose Ends

If you get Two Red Threads in a reader or by e-mail, you might have missed some of the fun stuff that shows up on the sidebars. Here’s a quick heads up on a few Loose Ends.

Scroll down the page at Two Red Threads and you’ll find The Loose Ends box in the far right sidebar. This box contains posts from blogs I subscribe to in my own reader. It shows the five items I most recently tagged to share, things I think Two Red Threads readers would enjoy or find inspiring.

At the top of the list right now is a link to Spoonflower’s announcement that they now offer custom-printed silk crepe de chine. Below that are two items from a series on drawing that began recently in the New York Time’s Opinionator blog. Below that is a fascinating post from Japanese Textile Workshops on how persimmon tannin is used in textile dyeing. The fifth item in the box is a digital fabric of the week post from True Up on wedding invitation hankies. Just click on any of those items and it will take you to the original post.

At the bottom of the box where it says “View All” is a link to Google Reader. There you will find older items I tagged to share — everything from a post on medieval hair nets to how to design repeat patterns in Photoshop Elements.

I’d like to hear what posts from Loose Ends you find most interesting. Hit the comment button below this post to share your favorite, and be sure to include a name (it can be a nickname, if you wish to remain mysterious on the internet). Next week I’ll draw a winner from the commentors, and post it here. The winner will get a free copy of my book New Age Looping and bragging rights.

If you want to hear what even more people like from Loose Ends, you might hit the Facebook share button at the top of this post and invite your friends to join in the conversation. I can’t wait to hear what you all choose!

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