What Changes, And What Remains

Much has changed recently for so many of us, myself included. My mom died, workshops have cancelled, and product sales are uncertain in such uncertain times.

Subsistence gardening and canning are a high priority at present. And I’m writing, more than I have in many years. Thirty-five years ago I made a living as a freelance writer. Before that, I was a magazine editor. So this isn’t altogether unfamiliar territory, although back then I never dreamed I could write articles on phone that fits in my pocket. How I spend most days may be a bit different now, but I still have five new local-wool fleeces to spin and dye for nalbinding and knitting projects. I will still try to share information about how I dye with homegrown and foraged plants on my Instagram. And I will check in here as this new chapter takes shape. But for now, if you’re interested in what I’m writing a good place to check is at The Daily Yonder. It’s been a privilege to get to know so many wonderful people in the fiber world over the past 20 years. Until our paths cross again, whether in person or online, thank you and be well.

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Donna Kallner

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