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Last year I discontinued my online courses. My technical skills just weren’t up to the challenge, and with aging parent care there was nontime to improve on the admin side. But I still had all the video from the courses.

New Age Looping Basics online course.It seemed a shame to keep them tucked away, so I made them all public on Vimeo, where they were hosted. I kept meaning to add them to YouTube, but just didn’t have time. Then when I did have time, I didn’t have enough bandwidth to actually do it (have I mentioned how rural this area is?). Finally, I asked for help.

The fabulous, talented and generous Becka Rahn made it happen. Thanks to her, all of those videos will be much easier for you to find in searches.

Cross-Knit Looping is an ecourse with instructor Donna Kallner.

It’s not the same as a course. There are no handouts, and there’s no classroom support. But I hope it helps those if you who’ve been wanting this information. I’ve linked to the videos below, in order of intended progression.

I do still have a couple of ebooks available as PDF files in my Etsy shop. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each and every purchase. Eldercare has put a big dent in our income and I’m still figuring out how to make a living in these altered circumstances.

So here they are. Thanks, Becka!

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