Thinning My Library

My studio has been getting a thorough purge in preparation for a garage sale this weekend. It’s been sort of like an archaeological dig, as I’ve been finding materials and samples from classes I haven’t taught in years. But the most ruthless culling has been on on our book shelves. Here’s what goes away:

About a third of the books in the sale are fiber arts related. We also thinned out Bill’s woodworking library, books on canoeing, camping and fishing, cookbooks and more, plus lots of quilting, knitting and woodworking magazines.

By my count, in the last 20 years Bill and I have helped with nine moves for his or my parents. And we did one of our own. Even though that was just from the old farmhouse into the house we built on the same property, we moved stuff we have not used since. So we don’t need it. It hasn’t been hard at all to say, “We don’t need eight large canoe camping drybags,” or even to pare down to one box of Christmas ornaments.

But books have been hard for me to give up. Books represent inspiration and possibilities. So I didn’t expect thinning the library to feel so good. But it does.

Because now that it’s less crowded, it’s easier to put my hands on exactly what I was looking for.

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2 thoughts on “Thinning My Library”

  1. This is inspirational, Donna. I need to sort and purge my own book collection, to get them out of my daughter’s room, and make them fit into other bookshelves in the house. A timely post for me. 🙂

    1. I had help! A local quilting guild is getting some books and magazines, and what was left went to the library yesterday for the Friends of the Library book sale.

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