UPDATED January 30, 2017 — The kids were found on January 24, and are home safe with their Dad. Thank you to everyone who shared info and to all who were looking for these kids!

Please forgive me for a post that is not fiber-related, but I have a favor to ask: Two children from my community — Averie and Dalton Brown– are missing.

We hope someone somewhere will see the posters and recognize Averie and Dalton and help bring them home.

Here is the poster from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Here’s the favor: Would print out this poster to put up in your community? I would be grateful for your help. 

The kids’ dad was the assistant chief on our volunteer fire department until a job transfer. We worked a number of search and rescue operations together, sometimes with me scribing for him as incident commander. I never dreamed while we were searching for other people that someday others would be searching for his kids.

I’ll return to fiber posts as soon as I get past the scramble to finish making holiday gifts. I hope then I can also tell you that Dalton and Averie are back home.

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