November Means Studio Sale

Our annual holiday studio sale is this weekend, which means the next few days will be a flurry of pricing and tagging products to sell, cleaning my working studio (which truly needs it), and transforming that space into a comfortable place to shop.


It never feels like I’m quite ready, but this year especially feels like a lot of things have slipped through my fingers. Including the typo in the image above. But after being gone for three weeks in October, I feel like it’s an achievement just to be wearing clean underwear.

Once I knock a few more things off my to-do list, I’ll try to get pictures posted from the natural dye workshop I taught at Sievers last month. As usual, it left me wanting to clear my calendar and do nothing but dye and stitch for a while. But I’ll have to put that off a bit longer: Willow harvest begins the Monday after our sale ends. I’m hoping the unseasonably fine November weather holds while I get it cut!

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Donna Kallner

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