More Do-Overs

All too often, you don’t get to see other designers’ duds and do-overs. It’s not because we don’t all have them. Honestly, who gets everything right the first time? But with looping, it’s easy to cut out a problem and try again until you get the design or execution figured out.

Fuegian coiling with a willow bark core element.

That’s what I did on this small pouch, which is worked in simple looping over a core element (also known as Fuegian coiling). In this case, the core element is willow bark. I worked this pouch from base to the rim. To make it wearable, I needed to attach a neck cord. At first, I had the cord coming straight off the rim, but I didn’t like the way that looked. So I cut off the rim, and added a row of closely-spaced looping without the core element to separate the main body of the pouch from the new rim.

Fuegian coiling using a willow bark core element.

Functionally, that row made a dandy place to attach the neck cord. And I liked the variation in color and texture.

Bill Kallner wearing Broden stitch nalbinding hat.

This seems to be the season for do-overs here. By the way, the hat crown I revised last time? I got the hat fulled. While it was still wet, I had Bill put it on to shape it to his head. He’s plenty cute without that little tail at the crown that I thought the hat should have until I saw the error of my ways.

Freeform looping mug sleeve ready for a do-over.

I think my next do-over will be this freeform looping mug sleeve. The travel mug it fit finally fell apart, so I picked up a new mug and of course it’s not quite the same size. This won’t be the first time this piece has had a do-over. The last time was in 2011. But this time, I’m pretty sure I’m out of the 7-ply Irish waxed linen I hand-painted for the project when I made it back in another decade. So I’m not sure what this incarnation will look like. Yet.

I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. I’m excited!!! I’m signed up for your Decorah looping class. At first it seemed like small consolation for not getting into Joe’s class, but now . . . I’m thinking looping might just be exactly what I need to learn! I’ll try not to be the snarky student in the back!

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