One of the great things about looping is the structure is so stable it won’t unravel. But when you make an unfortunate design choice, there’s no easy way to frog it. There is, however, one simple way to get a do-over: Cut it out.


This hat for Bill started at the brim. When I finished the crown, I put a little tail at the top because tails are fun to stitch and I thought it was cute. He didn’t say anything, but when he tried on the hat for me before fulling, I saw The Look. The “what is she thinking” look. He didn’t need to say anything, and I didn’t bother to ask. I knew. So I cut off the tail and worked a flat crown. Because I love him.


When I teach or lecture about looping, I always try to include a demonstration where I cut into a piece. I love to hear that collective gasp from the audience. But mostly, I love knowing I can back up and get a do-over from the point just before where I made some regrettable choice. If only everything were so easy!

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Donna Kallner

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