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One of my goals for January was to make my web site work better for people reading them on mobile devices, and it’s finally done.


Some other things got updated, as well. When the Sievers site opens for 2015 class registrations on February 1 I’ll update the direct links to my Local Color To Wear class (July 27-31) and Natural Dye Retreat (October 13-17). Registration is now open for the Midwest Weavers Conference and the National Basketry Organization biennial conference. More workshop information, including links to eCourse registrations, is here.

New Age Looping by Donna Kallner.

There are probably other things I missed that should be updated. If you spot something, please let me know!

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Donna Kallner

fiber artist, teacher and explorer, inspired by ancient fiber techniques and all the ways contemporary fiber artists give old ideas a new spin

6 thoughts on “What’s New Around Here”

  1. Hi Donna, really enjoying your inspiring photos and fiber ideas!…I just wanted to mention that on my computer (not mobile) I can’t see any of your tabs/ categories/ pages that show up on your image of the mobile’s screen — it’s only possible to browse down the posts on the homepage (which is very fun!) I had bookmarked your “about” page from visiting a long time ago, otherwise wouldn’t have been able to go to it…I’d love to be able to browse your categories, shop, etc!
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much for the heads up (and your kind words!), Ingrid. May I ask what browser you use ( I.e, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc)? Anybody else missing the tabs? I’ll get this figured out yet!

      1. I use Firefox, so I just checked with IExplorer and your links show up fine–they are all in a left sidebar that isn’t visible at all when I’m on firefox! that’s really odd, in most ways things seemed much better back when I switched from IE to firefox, plus people on the forums said IE was more susceptible to buggy stuff and hackers. I wonder if it’s because I still don’t have a wide screen monitor? Anyway, now that I know I’ll be sure to switch over to IE when I come to your site…

  2. Thanks, Ingrid. I use Firefox too for the same reasons, but it shows up OK on my computer so I think it must be the square screen. Interesting that IE works with that screen, though. Kind of jealous that you still have that standard monitor. When ours went kapooie, we replaced it with a widescreen but could never get the aspect ratio resolved between old computer and new screen. Talk about eyestrain!

    1. Just in case it’s helpful for anyone else, it turns out that all I had to do in Firefox is hit my control key and then the “-” a couple times, which reduces my screen size a bit–like magic your sidebar then pops into view! I could probably also adjust the settings in my computer or browser, but this quick fix is very easy…
      Your sidebar is beautiful, btw!

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