New Wringer Washer

Anyone who shares a home and a life with someone else will understand: Sometimes you make a decision that seems crazy to everyone else — one that’s impossible to explain rationally. I understand that it’s hard to understand why I wanted a wringer washer in our basement.

Wringer washer is now in the basement.

But I’m glad it’s there now. Thank you to the two strong young men who carried it down there for us while they were here for our family fishing camp!

I’ll post more about why I wanted it later. First, I have a few things to move…

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Donna Kallner

fiber artist, teacher and explorer, inspired by ancient fiber techniques and all the ways contemporary fiber artists give old ideas a new spin

One thought on “New Wringer Washer”

  1. Ho! what a beautiful antiques , Does anyone have video of this machine in action? I would love see the clothes go into the rollers.

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