Springing Forward

There’s still a deep blanket of snow all around us. But it’s warmed up enough for me to turn the heat back on in my studio. In anticipation of flooding from the snowmelt, I’ve moved the sewing machine pedal up, unplugged everything, and finished one job that requires the big work table before I start stacking other things on it.

Irish waxed linen hand-painted by Donna Kallner.

For workshops coming up later this month, I needed more painted waxed linen. Years ago, Bill built me this lovely reel, which screws onto the table. The video below shows how I do this in smaller quantities.


In the meantime, I’m making good progress on adapting my print book New Age Looping to make it compatible with e-readers. But how to picture the process of editing an e-book in a visually compelling way? I haven’t figured that out. Yet.


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Donna Kallner

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2 thoughts on “Springing Forward”

  1. Thanks, Donna, for showing the painting process. How flexible is the thread after painting it? Being a weaver, I was imagining how I could adapt it to warps for textiles that will be washed and used. Food for thought.

  2. Jean, the painted waxed linen is better suited to looping, macrame, basketry, etc instead of as a warp (a bit too sticky). But you can do a similar technique painting a linen warp under tension with slightly thickened fiber reactive dye. Kind of dry brush it on (not too heavy) to get the subtle color variations, then put it in the soda ash solution and batch it. Have fun!

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