Connecting The Dots

What kind of activity helps you when you need to connect the dots in your master plan? For me, preparing materials for upcoming workshops can do that. Sometimes. When I don’t have to count, or measure, or figure out some ingenious way to make an impossible amount fit into the space and weight allowed for checked luggage.

Materials prep for upcoming workshop.

When the tasks are simple and repetitive, I can let my mind wander. And with all the things floating around up there, it’s good to have some quiet time to connect some of the dots.

So while the class prep to-do list gets shorter, the master plan to-do list gets longer. And longer. But it’s exciting to contemplate those dots. Two more online courses to get going on. More e-books to do. Maybe even (do I dare?) a New Age Looping app for mobile devices.

In the meantime, I sipped tea and stuffed pincushions yesterday, and everything fell into place in my head. This morning, everything fell back out of place while I fought with a fussy browser. But those dots are all still there, just waiting to be re-connected.

And maybe soon we’ll have enough snow melted that I can work out some of these questions while walking the dogs. In the meantime, I might stuff some more pincushions I don’t really need.


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Donna Kallner

fiber artist, teacher and explorer, inspired by ancient fiber techniques and all the ways contemporary fiber artists give old ideas a new spin