Alternating Stitch Cord Video

Why it never occurred to me before, I can’t say. But last weekend at Wisconsin Weave Away, someone asked about a handout for the alternating stitch neck cord I teach at the end of the Burundi Looping class.

Burundi looping with Donna Kallner workshop students at Wisconsin Weave Away.

It’s a simple technique based on a structure that’s already familiar to students by the time I show it. And yet, students at conferences and retreats are usually getting tired by the time they see this. So I told them I would post a short video refresher. And here it is.

This will live on the page with other video resources I’ve posted for students. If you can’t find this page again to use that link, look at the menu bar at the top of this site. There’s a pull-down menu under “Students”. It’s at the bottom of that menu.

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