Mindless Tasks For Brainless Days

After a productive fall, in mid-November I caught a cold and bronchitis that just keeps hanging on. For times like these, it’s good to have some mindless tasks on the to-do list.

Garage sale threads overdyed with indigo and fiber reactive dyes.

So yesterday I finished off some pre-mixed fiber reactive dyes and overdyed some threads. Then I  ran some other threads through the indigo vat. These were threads I picked up at garage sales and skeined another day when I needed a mindless activity, and threads that were skeined and butterflied for student sampling in a dye class that canceled at the last minute.

I’m running out of mindless tasks, and need to get my brain and my voice back before long. Before I can record audio for the Freeform Looping online class that launches in late January, I need to be able to talk without coughing. So in the meantime, I’m chipping away at other stuff. We completed our application for new health insurance through the health care exchange, which will make a huge difference in our lives. I did some work on a project I can’t talk about for a while yet but which taught me a lot. And I’ve had the best holiday sales season ever in my Etsy shop — probably because I’ve worked at it more deliberately than in previous years.

But mostly I’ve been making Etsy Treasuries (fantasy shopping for other people) and knitting — really simple, no-pattern, no-brainer garter stitch stuff. Which I’m, frankly, sick of.

There’s a whole bolt of raw silk in my studio, waiting for me to sew into scarves and dye. And a lot to do to finish the Freeform class, plus a lot of promotion to get it ready to launch.

But this afternoon I’m going to curl up with another cup of lemon ginger tea, make another Etsy Treasury, and hope some elves show up to sew those scarves.

What do you do to feel like you’re getting something done when all you’re fit for is mindless tasks?


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  1. I love to have those mindless activities, although maybe not so much when I’m not feeling well. My current one is removing the ikat ties from my weft yarns after dyeing. Perfect for sitting in front of mindless TV.

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