Studio Sale Preparations

Do you find that nobody notices the things you drop from your to-do list? I know some of the stuff on my list won’t happen before Saturday’s open house and studio sale. As long as no one looks too closely at the corners, it’ll be fine.

Artists Bill & Donna Kallner prepare for studio sale.

But I have gotten a lot done. I’ve been dyeing lots of yarn for the sale. Today I need to hide some buckets and pots of plant dye materials I’ve been letting freeze and thaw outside my studio. There’s lots of general tidying up to do, along with labeling and pricing. And those windows definitely need to be washed.

Skeins of yarn dyed by Donna Kallner with natural dyes gathered in northern Wisconsin.

Even if the windows don’t get done, the quilting fabric I dyed for the sale is all washed, ironed, folded and ready to sell.

Hand-dyed quilting fabric by Donna Kallner.

This week I sent out an alert to my email newsletter readers to give them a chance to place orders on Etsy before Saturday. My Etsy shop will stay open, but I’ll deactivate items that are in the studio sale. After we close, I’ll inventory and start reactivating unsold items.

Eco-printed silk scarf by Donna Kallner.In the past two weeks, we lost a family member, went downstate for a funeral (best celebration of life ever), did two search and rescue trainings and a lost hunter search (found — all is well), shipped Etsy orders, and dealt with two different plumbing issues (only one of which is resolved).

We have a half-gallon of Death By Chocolate ice cream to get us through the weekend. Do you think that’s enough?


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4 thoughts on “Studio Sale Preparations”

  1. Oh man, a half gallon is not going to be enough. I do wish I could come to the sale though! I’m afraid it is too far away. I loved your bit about dropping things from the to do list and no one noticing. I’m totally going to employ that technique today. Too much going on.
    Have a great sale!

  2. I’ll be thinking of you and your to-drop list, Rebecca! And may have Bill pick up a little more ice cream — we both trust your recommendation 🙂 Thanks for your good wishes, and good luck with your first holiday season in your new studio!

  3. …maybe time to re-post that great article you wrote 15+ years ago about focusing on things more important than the housework….! That was such a big hit with both me and my mom. Your priorities are all in order. Just a reminder to all that they don’t need to be present to shop, but glad we will be there.. see you Saturday!

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