Transition Rituals

No matter how great a trip is, there’s generally a point during re-entry that feels like, “Houston, we have a problem.” That’s when rituals come in handy.

Music to unpack by.

When I’m really tired after a teaching trip, the soundtrack from The Wizard of Oz comes out. I hit play, then try to get everything (mostly) put away before “There’s no place like home.”

Machine stitched thank you notes.

Then I might need a little time to do something that feels productive but doesn’t require a brain. Laundry doesn’t count. One thing I do, when time permits, is machine stitch transfers on fabric, inkjet fabric, or fabric collages to stationery for my thank-you notes.

What kind of rituals do you use to get back in studio mode after being away?

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Donna Kallner

fiber artist, teacher and explorer, inspired by ancient fiber techniques and all the ways contemporary fiber artists give old ideas a new spin