Cooling Kettles

Yesterday’s bubbling cauldrons got a short rest after lunch when a few members of the Antigo Garden Club stopped by for a visit.

Members of the Antigo Garden club visit Donna Kallner's studio.

I’ll be doing a natural dye program for the whole group in November, but there’s nothing like the real thing.

Tansy before drying for natural dyeing.

I was afraid it might be a little too real because of the very fragrant tansy dyepot. But by the time they arrived, the exhaust fan had cleared the air enough to make my studio smell exotic rather than overpowering.

They saw my willow beds, which have not yet been harvested, kindly overlooked my flower beds, which have not been weeded or cleared for winter, and toured Bill’s net business workshop. It was a lovely visit!

After they left, I jumped back into production mode and had cauldrons bubbling again when the pager went off. Our fire department’s search and rescue team was called out by a mutual aid request from a neighboring department working a lost hunter search. Since my “cauldrons” bubble on electric burners instead of a wood fire, I pulled the plugs, left yarn in pots and responded. We had a good turnout, with volunteers from five departments plus sheriff’s deputies on the search. I’m glad to say everyone was out of the woods before dark-dark.

And now it’s 10 am and I’m still not back in the studio. I have errands to run in town today and have been waiting for the fog to clear a bit more before driving in. By the time I return this afternoon, that yarn should be ready to rinse.

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