What’s Drying Wednesday – Willow For Charcoal

One more seasonal task done: I’ve sorted the peeled willow sticks left after harvesting bark for dyeing. Bill will use some in rustic furniture. The rest I cut up to become artist charcoal for drawing.

Tins of peeled willow ready to burn into charcoal for drawing.

Those sticks dry quickly with the bark off. I got them cut up earlier this week. My bright idea of using a Sawzall was a complete bust. Every blade I tried either chewed them up because of the vibration, or took forever to cut through. In the end, I cut them all with the big loppers, same as always.

I’ve got them all packed into tins for burning. Over the holiday, we’ll close those containers, wire the lids on, and put them in the campfire.

Happy 4th of July!

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        1. I’ve done smaller containers where we pulled them from the fire when steam stopped coming out, but this batch will stay in the fire as it burns out. Tonight’s the night!

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