Homegrown Willow Charcoal

We burned our willow charcoal last weekend, and today I started sorting and packaging it.

Homegrown willow charcoal sign.

This morning, I got distracted and did a little doodling.

Drawn with Donna Kallner's homegrown willow charcoal.

This afternoon, I stayed on task and got some of the charcoal packaged up to sell at the farmers market on Saturday.

Donna Kallner's homegrown willow charcoal.

Right now, my studio is such a mess I can’t get to my photo set-up. I’d like to sell gift packs on Etsy, but need to clean before I can photograph for the listing. In the meantime, I started another cleaning project, which got interrupted. You see where this is going, right?

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  1. Oh the pics are very cool – thanks for posting them! I totally understand about the projects and cleaning – Our studio is on the studio tour in October but wait – I am a featured artist at a gallery in August – trying very hard not to get distracted in wanting to try this, that, or how about this one?

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