What’s Drying Wednesday — Plant-Dyed Yarns

Plant-dyed wool yarns by Donna Kallner.The local farmer’s market accepts only a few tables each week for non-produce items. Bill took the rustic furniture and trellises we build to the market a couple of years ago. This year, I’m scheduled to go three times. I’ve been dying yarn to take, as well as silk scarves, and some indigo-dyed T-shirts and scarves.

Recycled  gold thrift shop tablecloths overdyed with indigo.clot

It’s raining this afternoon, so I may not get these thrift shop tablecloths dipped again in the indigo vat. I’m hoping to get a tunic out of this fabric. And I can’t complain about the rain, which we really need.

Two skeins of yarn are ready for a final rinse. Two more bags of frozen dyestuff are ready to be brewed. Two more hours of ironing this afternoon. The last may be a bit optimistic 🙂

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