What’s Drying Wednesday — How To Wash A Silk Scarf

Washing silk kind of intimidates some people. But really, it’s simple and worth the small effort: Fill the bathroom sink with cool water and a small squirt of mild, pH balanced shampoo. Add the silk item, and go do something else while it soaks. Rinse in clear water with a small splash of white vinegar. Blot dry with a bath towel. Line dry until slightly damp while you have a cup of tea. Then press with a dry iron (no steam) on the silk setting.

Naturally dyed silk scarf from repurposed fabrics by Donna Kallner on Ets. This scarf is washed, ironed, listed on Etsy, and ready to ship. It’s a collage of naturally dyed silks, including the bodice of one silk blouse and a sleeve from another. You can see the placket at the cuff in this photo.

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Donna Kallner

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