3 Signs Of Spring

Forget the calendar: Here are some more reliable indicators of spring’s imminent arrival.

Quilting fabric dyed with fiber reactive dyes by Donna Kallner.Colorful fabric. I limit my use of fiber reactive dyes during the winter months because of the volume of water rinsing and washing put into our septic tank. But last week, I dyed some quilting fabric for my sister-in-law. There’s not much color outside, but inside it looked pretty good.

Snow melts early over septic tank.Bare Ground. Snow melts faster where the heat of decomposition over a septic system helps warm the soil. I wouldn’t be surprise to hear some communities have parades to celebrate the return of bare ground around septics.

Kale microgreens grown in worm compost by Donna Kallner.Fresh Greens. This has nothing to do with fiber art, but spring feels closer when I have a big tray of lush kale microgreens about ready to harvest. Pea shoots are next. These grow in recycled plastic serving trays on a thin layer of castings from our worm compost bin.

Bill saw a red-winged blackbird not far from home the other day. What signs of spring have you seen?


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