Cross-Knit / Viking Knit Looping Field Trip With Barbara Heike

Barbara Heike's Viking knit jewelry.Here’s the bonus video I finally finished for the students in my Cross-Knit Looping eCourse. My friend Barbara Heike makes and teaches Viking knit jewelry, which uses the structure of cross-knit looping with silver wire as the stitching element. She graciously agreed to let me film her demonstrating her technique.

Viking Kniting — a New Age Looping Field Trip with Barbara Heike

I learned a hundred things that day. Here are just a few:

  • I’m making myself a fabric-covered work pad like Barbara’s.
  • A good friend (Barbara) will let you photograph her work without polishing it first if you think you’ll get more glare after polishing.
  • The tripod has to go on the side of the non-dominant hand unless you’re straddling it (as I generally do).
  • I need to learn to separate my curiosity from my camera. I shot quite a bit of footage because I forgot to turn the camera off.
Barbara Heike's Viking knit silver jewelry.
Barbara Heike’s Viking knit jewelry

Thank you, Barbara, for sharing with us! It was so much fun I’m thinking I’d like to do some more field trips….

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