5 Reasons To Press Leaves

The piles that accumulated on horizontal surfaces during my teaching-travel season yielded some good stuff. Case in point: an index card with notes for a blog post I meant to write probably in August or September. Better late than never, right?

5 Reasons To Press Leaves Now (or then, or later, or someday)

  1. scan or photograph to print on inkjet fabric, make inkjet heat transfers or use in digital fabric design (i.e. Spoonflower). (FYI, at the bottom of the post is a video tutorial I did a while back that shows how I used Gimp to create a fabric design.)
  2. use as resists for disperse dye transfer prints (great for polyester sheer layers in fabric assemblages)
  3. print with or use as a resist for screening Inkodye on natural fiber fabrics.
  4. use as a resist for heliographic printing with Setacolor or Dye-na-Flow transparent fabric paints.
  5. use in natural dye ecoprint bundles

I also found a note that says, “Short vid tut on tech.” Can’t recall what technique I intended to document for posterity. Any requests?

Fall Fabric Video Tutorial from Donna Kallner on Vimeo.

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