Willow Workshops Of The Hybrid Sort

In one of the workshops I taught at last week’s Willow Gathering in Decorah, Iowa, students dyed silk fabrics with willow leaves, twigs and bark.

Then they modeled and designed constructed vessels…

…that used those naturally dyed fabrics.

After a busy day of dyeing, we started the second day of the workshop by making simple vessels from the leaves of cupplants growing near the building.

Then my students jumped into modeling for constructed vessels. As usual, I got busy and didn’t manage to take pictures of them with their models and fiber phyllo vessels. 

Willow has a reputation as a plant that crosses easily, which sometimes makes it hard to identify the exact species. I guess that applies to me, too: Many ideas have crossed in my head and hybridized.

You could practically see ideas flitting around the room cross-pollinating each other. I certainly came home with notions to nurture until it’s time to thin them out.

Luckily for the Canadian contingent, it’s easier to carry living ideas across the border than fresh plant materials.

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  1. Lene, one of the things I loved about the gathering was that people in all the classes used the techniques being taught but with all kinds of variations. The same materials and same techniques produced many different outcomes. So exciting to see so many creative approaches in ALL the classes!

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