When Tension Is A Good Thing

There are some things it’s just hard to explain, so you’re glad you don’t have to. Luckily, I didn’t break my nose yesterday, which means no black eyes today. Yesterday, in my haste, I lost control of a bin of beads recently moved to a different shelf. A higher shelf. I’m rethinking that location now. And before you ask, I was able to keep the bin from falling to the floor and spilling its contents into the cracks between floorboards. Because I arrested its fall with my nose.

It was a tense afternoon. But I’m not a toddler, able to take a nice long nap to reclaim my sunny disposition. I’m a freaking Pollyanna, determined to remind myself that tension can, in fact, be a good thing. That’s why I’m showing you the high-tech tension aid I use for braiding — a loop of thread around my foot. Pretty simple.

So is my solution to the kind of afternoon I was having yesterday: After a few tears and a hissy fit, I sat down with some looping, which, for me, is more relaxing than a nap. And while I was stitching, a thought came to me. Duh — I could label which bin contains the size 8s instead of, well, the stupid thing I was doing when I lost control and stopped the bin from falling with my nose.

Did you know I label posts so you can search for them by topic (there are handy tools in the right-hand column)? Instead of starting a new category called “Near Misses” or “I’m An Idiot”,  I’m filing this under Learning. (Things are a little different since I moved to WordPress. Now there’s a search box in the right-hand column.)

Have you learned something the hard way recently?

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4 thoughts on “When Tension Is A Good Thing”

  1. For anyone reluctant to click an anonymous link, it’s a photo of cordage twisting using the foot as a tensioning device — and what looks suspiciously like a cast on one leg!

  2. glad you are okay but just thinking – a picture of you with two black eyes might be very interesting – what designs we could create from that!

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