Rewind And Fast Forward

from Lesson 3 of the New Age Looping Basics eCourse with Donna Kallner

So much of my time lately has been focused on production and testing of the New Age Looping Basics eCourse that other things, well…. Let’s just say it’s time for some housecleaning. Since you can’t see my shower but you can see this blog, I started cleaning here first. And then it turned into a rewind.

I’m rewinding back to a traditional blog format. I liked the appearance in Dynamic Views, but functionally it just wasn’t working. So we’re back to something I hope will work better for you than having to make a visual scan of pictures and the first few sentences of a post to find what you want. In other words, the right-hand column list of categories is back, and I’ve added a search box that should work more than 10 percent of the time.

I’ve updated my Workshops page to let you know where I’m teaching this year. I think there are a still a couple of spaces in the Willow Spirit Constructed Vessels workshop at the Willow Gathering in Decorah in June. Maybe I’ll see you there! And 2012 Sievers class registrations opened yesterday, so maybe I’ll see you in Digital Fabric or Local Color.

This blog housecleaning project isn’t quite complete (when are they ever?). I still plan to clean up the overflowing Pages (the bar under the header). So I’ll be reprinting here some of the creativity exercises that first appeared on my old blog, Compost and Creativity. That way they’ll appear in searches and categories here. No, you’re not losing your mind if you think, “Haven’t I read that before?” But it feels like a good time to revisit those creativity exercises and rituals, and to share a few new ones.

In the meantime, which mode are you in right now — rewind or fast forward?

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4 thoughts on “Rewind And Fast Forward”

  1. Hi Donna,
    I have tried to comment many times, but it didn’t work.
    I will indeed be seeing you at the Willow Gathering in June. Looking forward to it.

  2. Hi Lene! I’m so glad you were able to comment this time. That’s another reason for going back to the older Blogger format. Glad comments are working again.

    See you in June!

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