Window Shopping

One of my favorite things to do when we visit friends in southern Iowa is to drive past an old garage in their small town (smaller even than our small town) and peek in the windows.

If you were to peek inside my windows right now, what you would see is a mess. In the push to finish products for holiday sales, well, you know what happens to horizontal surfaces.

Yesterday I pushed back the piles up by the window where I take photos. I needed shots of proofing swatches to post with the new designs for sale in my Spoonflower shop. If you click News in the left panel on Spoonflower now, you’ll see the designer’s fabric photos and pictures of products made from their fabrics.

Here’s the fabric from the design I made with and talked about in this post.

Before the wave of debris rolled back into that area, I got some shots of willow-dyed scarves for my Etsy shop. I have the first few items posted now, and will be adding more as I get them photographed. It’s gray and gloomy today with snow in the forecast. Snow cover actually makes it easier for me to photograph, so I’m all for it (with apologies to those out east who could have done without snow so early).

Our recent warm weather made holiday stuff that appeared in stores before Halloween, for Pete’s sake, seem just wrong. But now, it feels like time for a little window shopping, some in town, some online.

But before I can wrap gifts, I’ll have to move a pile of books off the table downstairs. That’s a window I really don’t want anyone to peek into.

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