Photographic Memory

For someone who takes as many photos as I do, why is it I never get shots of my class working? I snapped a couple first thing this morning. But from the contents of my media card, you wouldn’t be able to tell how many wonderful things happened on Day 3 of my Digital Fabric class at Sievers.

The day began with a short dual-purpose mixed media collage exercise.

The exercise reinforcedĀ  the concepts of “canvas” and “layers” in digital imaging. The bonus was that students photographed their canvases and can use them as elements for digital fabric. There may be some repainting of canvases, if we can fit in in with the American cheese exercise they’ve all be waiting for.

Much of the day was spent working on digital imaging skills, with a focus on layers. We managed to squeeze in a couple of photography breaks, and a field trip to the Danish Mill for lunch and WIFI, with a side of getting to know Spoonflower.

It’s been a great class. My students are working hard, but there’s been lots of laughter, too. And at Sievers, it’s so nice to be able to have evening studio play time. Tonight, my students were able to make some beautiful Thermofax screens from their designs. I’ll try to get some pictures of them tomorrow, along with their American cheese slice monoprints.

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  1. “The exercise reinforced the concepts of “canvas” and “layers” in digital imaging.” You are so clever. Translating the high tech in to low tech is always a great way to make it more approachable. Say hi to the digital group from me. It is fun following along with you guys.

    I never get pictures at my classes either.

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