Digital Sampling

Regular readers, former students, and people who know me from potluck dinners all know I’m a big believer in sampling. (That last group doesn’t know about my Wonder Undies, and please don’t tell ’em.)

American cheese singles monoprinting sample

In the studio, I always find that sampling saves time in the long run. Outside the studio, it doesn’t always feel that way. But it still feels necessary.

So today I’m sampling a new feature from Blogger called Dynamic Views. It’s buggy and going to take some adjustment on my part. On your end, it may mean clicking on the post title to see the rest of the story, images, links, and the links that let you comment here and share on Facebook and Twitter (which I always appreciate!).

Click to open the rest of the story.
I like that this layout makes it easy for you to make a quick scan of previous posts. You can go all the way back to the Elizabeth Hodge post that explains how an unfinished family heirloom from 1815 inspired the name of this blog, without having to open a dozen or more different links to older pages.

But the altered landscape at this URL is nothing compared to the other sampling I’ve been doing. Here’s a hint: Lights, Camera, Action! Tune in tomorrow for the next chapter in my digital sampling adventures. I’m about to make an offer you can’t refuse.

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