Diamond Meshes Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Marilyn Monroe, eat your heart out. This is my friend Lisa wearing a Civil War-style hairnet she made herself from diamond mesh netting. Priceless and timeless!

Two years ago when the Midwest Weavers Conference was held in Grinnell, Iowa, Lisa took a one-day class I taught on diamond mesh netting in the round. She told me at the time of her interest in Civil War reenactments, and her plan for further study of the technique so she could make hair nets.

As I was loading to teach the same workshop at the 2011 Conference in June, I hoped I would get to see a hairnet on Lisa. And I did. She wore it the evening of the fashion show, and I got to admire it during the after-show reception. It was every bit as beautiful as I expected.

Another student in that class two years ago told me she made a hairnet for the wedding of a young woman who does reenactments from another era. As happens with many weddings, things got busy and Collyer didn’t get a photo before the piece left her hands. But she promised to send me a picture if she gets one. I can’t wait to see it.

If this piques your interest in hair nets, you might enjoy this collection of medieval hairnet images from the blogger known as Alys In Wonder Land. We had some fun with this in early May on the New Age Looping Study Group on Facebook. My favorite is #14. What’s yours?

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