Time Warps

The past eight weeks have felt like some kind of time warp, and my sett is way off. For all my love of freeform stitching, I do like the fabric of my life to be firmly woven. But you know how it is with time: Events start coming in such rapid succession that you just have to embrace a looser structure. Remind me I said that next time I go nuts trying to bend time to my will.

This is one of a small handful of photos I took last week in Hancock, Michigan during the Midwest Weavers Conference. After days of rushing and always feeling a step behind, I was standing outside with a friend, waiting for a shuttle back to the dorm, when I saw the clock tower in the last light of the day. Time warps like this are meant to be savored.

Many wonderful things happened at the conference. I’ll try to post some, and the conference committee will be posting things here. But right now, Blogger is rejecting my attempts to upload photos. This must be a sign from the universe. The clock tower is all I can manage, and it’s enough.

Today is the last day of the show at Ed Gray Gallery in Calumet, Michigan, and I haven’t posted the rest of the images or stories behind work from that show. I have two hair net stories and other conference inspirations to share.

Next time. For now, I hope your time warps smell like roses instead of DeLorean exhaust.

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