Getting Rid Of The Blues

You know what happens after a stretch of days that are overcast with maybe drizzle or snow flurries: Everyone seems to get the blues. We’d almost prefer the drama and adrenaline of a full-on winter storm to those gray patches where the sun doesn’t shine.

Some people exercise like mad to combat a dismal mood.  Others hole up. Some fly off to distant, sunny lands to shack up with relatives. I’ve decided the best way for me to get rid of the blues is to discharge them with Thiox.

This is a before picture of a top I made in January during my Wardrobe Reboot. I used fabric from my stash given to me by a friend who was whittling her stash in preparation for a move. The fabric was lovely, but if I had been paying for it I wouldn’t have picked that color.

The finished top was 100% workable. But that solid bright/dark blue seemed a bit overpowering on me. I had a bit of fabric left over, so I did a quick sample to see how it would discharge. The sample looked good, so I popped the top into a discharge bath.

It’s definitely more “me” now. And as Bill says, when (not if) I spill stuff on me it won’t be quite so obvious. That alone is enough to cure a case of the blues.

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