Vested Interest

Along with the sewing I’ve been doing for my Wardrobe Reboot, I’m working on a vest in freeform looping. I’ll post progress on this project on the New Age Looping Study Group facebook page. Yesterday I posted a small album of past project photos to show looping variations I’m planning to incorporate in the vest motifs.

The yarn for this project was gleaned from the goodies I got from my husband’s sister’s best friend’s aunt’s stash last year. It included a ginormous skein of white cotton yarn (heavier than Sugar & Cream) variegated with pink, yellow and blue.

For looping, I’m not overly fond of space-dyed or variegated yarns. A dip in the indigo vat transformed the yarn into something that looked more like my jeans-and-boots self.

There was also a partial skein of plain white in the stash that I dyed a darker indigo. At this stage, I’m thinking the darker blue will be used only for the edging. I want to use the cross-knit looping edging I showed last fall on the vest, but as always, my plans are subject to change.

By the way, the dressmaker form I’m working on was bought for me by a friend a few years ago at the Textile Center’s annual Fiber Art Garage Sale (April 16 this year). Ten bucks. I have two of these beauties.

Brigitte is close enough to my size to work on for stuff like this, but would require more padding for more serious tailoring projects. If I ever develop tailoring skills, I’ll have to alter her or lose weight. In the meantime (which is probably forever), Brigitte encourages my basic impulse: Fudge to fit.

Her companion, Babette, is a size I haven’t been in many years. She earns her place in the studio by permitting me to dress her up in garage sale and thrift store finds like some full-size fashion doll. Je suis facilement amus├ęs.

If you’re on Facebook, I hope you’ll Like the Looping Study Group and join in. There’s a Facebook badge now in the right-hand column of this page. If you’re not a Facebook user, you can still see the page. If you see Babette and Brigitte posting comments in French on Facebook, you can cabin fever has hit the Northwoods hard.

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