Pantyhose Portfolio

In addition to Drill Press Doodles And Trivet Tricks, on a recent fabric printing day I pulled out my Pantyhose Portfolio. These are a few very old slapdash screens I made from pantyhose and embroidery hoops.

Pantyhose Print used with thickened MX dye

To make the screen, I stretched old pantyhose into a wooden embroidery hoop smeared with glue to keep the fabric taut. When that dried, I drew a design on the fabric with plain old white glue. When that dried, I used duct tape to mask outside the print area.

I stopped making these because they’re awkward to store. But in cleaning recently, I found a bag of old pantyhose my mother gave me for a different project. Now I’m wondering if there’s a way to stretch them temporarily while painting the glue resist, then cut them flat for printing and storage. I thought about doing that with the pantyhose on my body, then peeling them off. If you see me wearing pantyhose, you should assume I’m testing that method.

Any other ideas?

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