Cyber Swoop But No Shopping Bag Story

There’s a dusting of snow on the ground, the Salvation Army bellringers are back in town, and I’m in a holiday mood. To share the joy, I’ve added a special bonus to orders of my book New Age Looping. Through December 17, each book order in my Etsy shop ships with 30 yards of hand-painted Irish waxed linen and coordinating beads. That $10 value is really priceless, because the painted thread adds such depth and richness to even a simple looping project.

If you’re hunting for other gifts online, here are a couple more places you might look: (Blogger is feeling fussy and I’m having trouble posting images, but you have a great imagination and links to click.)

  •  I added a Swoop Page to the blog recently to let you know when I have things for sale — like the two small art quilts I just placed in my Etsy shop.
  • I don’t know about you, but I have no trouble coming up with gift ideas for women but get stumped on some of the guys. Our neighbors Shawn and Stephanie can solve that problem for you. They use absolutely stunning, high-quality fabrics to create hammocks and messenger bags. Right now in-stock items are 33 percent off, and they’re offering free shipping. Here’s a peek at one of their messenger bags.
  •  Spoonflower is offering two-for-one pricing on fat quarter tea towels through Friday. There are a few I might have to add to my collection of vintage linen calendar towels bought at thrift stores!

I spent the weekend working on holiday gifts I’m making from fabric I dyed in the indigo vat last week. If you’re interested in indigo, I tagged a post from Japanese Textile Workshops in the Loose Ends box on this blog’s far right sidebar. I’ll post the tote bag story and picture I promised last time next time when Blogger is behaving better.

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