Being The Boss Of Me

Swatch sampler — designs by Donna Kallner
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Technically, while I am self-employed I’m not really the boss of me: That would be a guy at the bank that holds the paper on our house, as Michael Perry says. On a day-to-day basis, though,  I’m the one making the do-do to-do list that keeps me on track. This week, all bets are off. It’s play time.

I’ve been a good girl this month, and got a bunch of non-studio stuff done. My web site needed work in a big way, and I would love to get your feedback on the makeover (hit the comment button below this post). It’s been workshop proposal time (I still have dates available, hint hint, but I’m caught up with those for now. My winter studio class series is scheduled. There are no yellow sticky notes on the bathroom mirror to herald impending deadlines.

So this week, I get to spend in the studio playing and possibly making some holiday gifts. I try to use gift projects to explore technique, sample products, and use up stuff I already have.

I’ll be using my Spoonflower swatch samplers to make some small projects. I need to get images posted on Spoonflower to show the fabric designs I have for sale “in action.” I don’t think it will spoil anyone’s Christmas surprise to get that done. Just in case, I invoke gift amnesia: My family knows what that means.

I already got started on a few things. For one project, I used Dharma pigment dye to alter a fat quarter of one of my black-and-white Spoonflower designs. I like to have neutral fabrics stashed so I can color them as needed for the project. Dharma’s pigment dye produces a mottled, stone-washed look I like and it couldn’t be easier to use.

Since the dye was already out, I mixed a bit more and used my gloved hand to brush it onto pre-quilted fabric left over from a play day with my sister-in-law last spring.

A while back I got a few gift bags made from the other stuff we painted that weekend.

And this week, I want to get some aprons made for the fire department auxiliary to wear at the community open house in a December. It’s a small department and an even smaller auxiliary. I got a design done this weekend for an image transfer, now just need to sew up three aprons to iron it onto.

While we’re being thankful for things this week, let’s give thanks for these people: 72 percent of firefighters in the U.S. are volunteers like my husband. He spent Sunday evening at a traffic accident and Saturday morning on a backcountry evacuation for a hunter who fell from his tree stand.

Hopefully, I won’t be seeing those guys this week when I get out my heat gun. I have an idea…

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  1. You ACTUALLY made something from all the silly stuff we did. What fun. Bring your sampler, let me know what size it is and I will bet batting backing binding and quilt this for you to hang in you your shop or wherever you want to display it.

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