On The Road To Oz

With so many ideas sprouting in my head these days, I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up and find tendrils trailing from my ears. I should have known it would be dangerous to offer Blooming Image Transfers at Bead & Button.

You see, it’s early May in northern Wisconsin. Except for a few narcissus, the only things blooming at my house right now are dandelions. And while I love the soft green of new leaves and the white of the trilliums popping out in the woods, I am craving color.

In the midst of this craving, I’m preparing materials for classes and the Meet The Teachers event at the biggest blooming bead event around. Each colorful element I prepare I like even better than the one before. I use my own digital photographs and my stock of scanned leaves and flowers to create transfers that will become jewelry. Some are realistic, some not so much. Even the Bootleg collage exercise I showed you last month is going to make a fun bracelet.

I know I should thin out the selection to make it easier for people to pick. But the riot of color on my computer and on my work table is sure putting a smile on my face. If only these flowers had fragrance.

What’s so dangerous about this, you wonder? Well, my pretties, just you remember Dorothy and the poppies on the way to Oz. I get so caught up in this field of flat flowers that I keep losing track of time. And with the hours of daylight growing longer, my sense of time is all out of whack. Supper may be late again tonight.

What kind of work makes you lose track of time?

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2 thoughts on “On The Road To Oz”

  1. Handsewing. Especially embroidering with beads. I can do that for hours and never notice the time going by. I can knit for long periods, but my hands eventually get tired and then I notice.

    I love your flower collages. I want to escape from my symposium and come sit in on that class!

  2. We should try to work out that Vulcan mind link thing so we could both do both. Might also give us some insight into Vulcan embroidery traditions — a logical choice for achieving that state of flow!

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