Fiber Friday Fun

River Run Center for the Arts in McNaughton, Wisconsin, is now hosting a once-a-month open studio session, and last week I got to be part of the fun. It was great to spend time with my friend Rhonda and see some of her recent work, and lovely to meet some new people. Most were needle felting, and there was some good-natured 12-needle embellisher envy going on. My thanks to owner Joan Molloy Slack for the invitation!

In rural areas like where I live and where River Run is located, it takes a bit of effort to create a community. It’s hard to pop into a shop or coffee house on the spur of the moment to join a group. Online groups are fabulous, but it’s very nice to get to know people who share your interests AND your time zone.

So I’d love to hear: What fiber communities do you belong to, and how do you create them? Hit the Comment button and share your thoughts, or email donnastitches[at]

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